Your broadcasters will charge thousands of viewers a small amount to view premium live events, instantly, directly to their PayPal account!
...And you will sell them event plans!
You don't have to manage payouts, your VianoTvPortal will do it all for you.

VianoTVPortal is the first broadcasting software to deliver quality-controlled, zero traffic, FMS combined video streaming on a TV Portal! Our P2P solution will first connect to the FMS using the
classical method, but in the background it tries to connect to other peers viewing the same channel using the RTMFP protocol. If the P2P quality is good enough, it will automatically use only that and will drop the RTMP connection! When and if the quality drops during P2P connection, it will connect back to the streaming server through the classic RTMP connection.

Fully Rebrandable

  • Open Source PHP, PSD and fonts
  • Fully customizable
  • Photoshop based design
  • Changeable theme

State-Of-The-Art OOP Code

  • Cutting edge web technologies
  • Action Script 3 Flash
  • Objiect Oriented Programming
  • Ajax user interfaces

User Friendly Interface

  • Simple & intuitive functionality
  • Attractive colors
  • Site Guide, FAQ & News sections

Flexible, Custom Prices

  • Owned & Leased licenses
  • Streaming packages available
  • Custom coding services
  • Business consulting

What Is VianoTvPortal?

VianoTVPortal is a turnkey solution for live online & recorded video streaming entertainment.

Its main purpose is to allow the public to stream live to their colleagues, friends or to a worldwide audience live shows, debates, memories, performances or any other video content you can possibly imagine. They have the ability to chat with their audience and record their content for a later review.

From Your Perspective...

Your will earn money from ads posted on the video pages and inside the videos and also from selling paid events packages. The broadcasters will earn thousands of $ in a few hours for each event and you will be able to sell the event packages using a percentage from their sales. With thousands of channels, this will deliver you tens of thousands of $ each hour with a minimal investment!

Your Own Site, Your Own Money!

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We're offering you the latest software in the industry, top support, consulting, even entertainment channels to start up your business!

There is a huge demand for live entertainment out there which hasn't been exploited, yet.